Monday, November 06, 2006

This Ain't Your Preacher's Music: Bodies of Water at Mr. T's Bowl November 1, 2006

I was tipped onto listening to Bodies of Water from a friend of mine. He stated that if he was going to pick a local band to be the one to watch, then this band was it. Whoa- do they have a LOT to live up to….

Bodies of Water have an air of greatness to their singing and playing that may be unnoticed at first due to the amateurishness (earnestness?) of their style. They admit to not playing their instruments very long, but that aspect to the band has in no way hindered the creation of some excellent songs, in fact, it’s a part to what makes them fun. Two girls and two guys shout out at each other, pounding out on their instruments to the loudest extent possible, and in return, shout back and pound out some more. Their harmonies don’t always match, and occasionally a voice breaks in some spot, but all of these idiosyncrasies make for catchy, head bopping tunes.

The set at Mr. T’s Bowl- which I should explain is in a broken down old bowling alley in an even more broken down part of town, where it’s quaint “dive” charm usually does not rouse me to make the effort to go there, except for tonight- was short (probably only rounding out 30 minutes, maybe more but I doubt it) and covered many of the songs that have sat on their Myspace page including: Doves Circle the Sky, I Guess I’ll Forget and a few other familiar tunes I’ve forgotten the name to. Unfortunately they did not play “Here Comes My Hand”, which calls upon the ghost of Ennio Morricone (I can reference his style in several of their songs now that I think of it) for staccato drumming and something reminiscent of a western movie, only… about… I dunno, abuse or something. Regardless, it’s a great song that gorilla vs. bear put on there top songs of 2005.

The set as a whole was completely enjoyable due to my love of musicians who sing joyfully at the top of the lungs. They really do shout back and forth at each other, but in an “I’m so excited to be here” tone. I could make comparisons to Mates of State, and even mention how keyboardist Meredith reminds me of Kori Gardner from a few years back, but those comparisons would merely be to make some kind of connection so that this audience could get a feel for what I am describing. You’re best bet though would be to go and see them. Gospel pop with all-band harmonizing sets them apart from any other band I have seen recently. You really can be cool and dance to gospel, here they make it possible. Oh! And they sell t-shirts for $2.25!!

They’re playing this Friday at the Knitting Factory, give them a try…

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