Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dogs in the Office! Dogs in Sweaters! Neko Case at the Music Box June 23, 2006

I can't gush enough about Neko Case. But I'll spare you the details about how I practically swoon when I hear her voice... no really, I will.

Last night's performance was simply amazing....regardless of how not very entertaining the first act was (although, somewhat redeeming themselves when Neko and Kelly came on to sing with them), and the SWELTERING heat in the club (when it drops below 70, WHY do the clubs want to turn the fucking heat on, seriously???).

I am crap at remembering set lists, mainly because I'm too busy being immersed in the music (or thinking about how stupid of me to wear wool pants and uncomfortable shoes to a show in JUNE). However, from what I can recall, they opened with A Widow's Toast and ended the encore with John Saw that Number. In between was songs from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, the Tiger album, other songs from albums of her's I can't remember, and a Dylan cover and a Randy Newman cover which was completely listenable. "Favorite" was probably one of my favorite songs of the night, simply because the white light they poured upon her during the song was almost magical (and not due to the dehydration I was suffering from at that point.. seriously, WOOL pants= BAD).

Not only is Neko Case a brilliant and talented musician, she's also one funny lady. Before even singing, she was threatening some audience member she was going to go down and kick their ass if they didn't stop screaming "shut the fuck up". And, while joking about her inability to wear high heels due to flacid "high-heel muscles", she was in awe of the Epitath offices where they let dogs in the office... and the dogs could wear sweaters. Funny, funny stuff.