Sunday, April 20, 2008

We Got Some Soul in the House: Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves, and Jail Weddings @ the Echo, April 17, 2008

I think I can say, without any doubt, that I have been to one of my favorite shows since last August (that would be for the Old Time Relijun show). HOLY CRAP. To think I was going to miss this for lack of company... Tonight the Echo was transported to some alter reality where a young twenty something white boy from Massachusetts sounded as if he was coming off a Stax 45 from the '60s. Magical folks, truly magical.

I was a late arrival, but did get there in time to catch Jail Weddings. Who, as I've mentioned before, are a group of really talented people, fun to watch, and tonight were a perfect match for the headliners. For more notes on them, check back over here.

Now, there's those bands that you listen to and are like, well, yes, I've heard this before so why should I care. And then there are those bands that fit into a niche and the sound is so genuine you have to stand up and clap. Or maybe wave your hands around and yell. And that's what it was like watching Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves. I think I kept turning to my friends and, with jaw dropped, kept pointing and saying Can you believe how awesome this is? It was just hard to make the connection between what I was hearing, the powerful old school rhythm and blues and soul sounds, and what I was seeing, this exuberant young, white guy who was moving the crowd with the simplest howl from his lips. And although the paring seemed off, it just felt right. I'm actually at a bit of a loss, because everything I want to write about him seems like I'm not giving him enough credit. And i don't want to gush like a school girl. All I can say is that this man can channel Otis Redding, and it gives me chills.

You can check him out again in Los Angeles at Spaceland, May 19th.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Club Soda Will Take That Stain Out: Jay Reatard, Mika Miko, and Bad Parents @ All Star Lanes March 31, 2008

There is another show looming in the not very distant future this week, so I thought I'd crack down and talk about one I went to like, 2 weeks ago. Jay Reatard everyone!

Apparently this was a 'secret show', I think done by the Listing Ship guys- I could be off, if I am- sorry bout that. I found out about it because it was listed at And then because I'm 'friends' with the FYF guys on myspace, I had it confirmed through them. The thing about these types of shows is that you really don't know how crowded/not crowded they will be. I was warned it was going to sell out. Oh,yeah- it was at All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock. A bowling alley. With a stage space in a bowling alley bar, kinda tight. So, we decided to play it safe, get there early and bowl a game, cause I like to bowl with a crazy passion.

Apparently though we got there really early. The show didn't start until past 9. We showed up at 7:30 to bowl. The lineup for the night was Bad Parents, Mika Miko, and Jay Reatard. When Bad Parents starting playing I was so happy that there was something going on that I immediately was just like- YES, this band is the greatest ever!! After the initial shock, though, I thought they were good. I'm quite a fan of anti-surf guitar riffs and their playing was enjoyable. However, I was not in the right mood to listen to screaming. I can take it sometimes, but not this night. I think though that maybe I should give them a second chance some other time.

Second up was Mika Miko, that crazy group of girls. They're always a fun show. I think though that my feelings are still the same as the last time I saw them.

Finally Jay Reatard played. We got right up to the stage, which only was about a foot- maybe- off the ground. And in his usual fashion, launched straight into his intense stage presence. Off stage, Jay Reatard was completely mellow and just standing around watching the bands play. But onstage, this must be where he lets everything go. And when he started playing- a mosh pit formed. Really, not joking. The last time I can even recall being in the midst of one I can say was probably some 10 odd years ago. After 3 songs, I pushed my way outside of it, cause I couldn't actually concentrate on the show, just avoiding contact with people. However, moving to the outskirts of the pit still did not prevent jackasses from thinking it's funny to pull people who are obviously just trying to stand there and watch the show. So, some guy got my elbow in his face. Sorry dude, but you totally deserved that. Anyways, the show seemed slightly longer than usual. Possibly clocking in at 35 minutes. But I forgot to check my watch for exact times. I did end up with blood on my purse, which is just fucking gross. And sharpie. Dammit. However, seeing Jay Reatard preform is always fun, and even with the escalated males testosterone violence, I still had a sweaty good time. I'd recommend standing at least 50' away from the stage though to avoid spit and punches.