Thursday, August 03, 2006

No Really.....a Glockenspiel- Bedroom Walls and Let's Go Sailing @ El Cid July 25, 2006

I don’t know why I started creating titles for these….Do you like titles? Really? Okay, I’ll keep them. So, ask yourself, “When was the last time I saw a band perform with a Glockenspiel?” For most of you it’s going to range somewhere between never and what’s a Glockenspiel??? If you feel like being an informed music lover, go listen to Bedroom Walls. They were one of two bands (technically 3 bands, but I only stayed for two) performing Tuesday night at El Cid, which should really boast their “Hardest Steps to Climb Back Up to the Street After a Couple Drinks”.

But let’s start with the opening band, Let’s Go Sailing. If you’re familiar with the LA music scene, you know this band. If you don’t, they play happy, whimsical sometimes melancholy indie pop music. It’s the type of music you can’t help but smile to when you listen to it. And that’s exactly how it was Tuesday night. Although lead singer Shana Levy had to practically fight with whoever was working the sound board at the club to stop the feedback between pauses in the songs, I tried to ignore that and focus on their pretty pretty tunes. Oh, and they rock the keyboard pretty hard too.

Bedroom Walls’ lead singer Adam Goldman works with my friend over at E! That’s how I heard of the band. Usually when your friend drags you to go see their friend’s band, well… you forget why you’ve gone and then get entirely too drunk and try to hit on the bartender. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE! Bedroom Walls plays “Romanticore”. They have a description of it on their page, but I hear it as dark love songs accompanied by a FUCKING GLOCKENSPIEL!!!!!!! If you want to amaze me, rock out with THAT instrument. Also included in their repertoire were a clarinet, sleigh bells, marshmallows, and they too rock pretty hard on the keyboards. They also boast the cutest song in the world. I wish I was more familiar with the band, cause then I’d have a title available for you to listen to. They play around here locally a lot. So I’m highly recommending you to leave your house to see them.

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