Friday, July 27, 2007

Chromeo, Chromeo...Where for...: Chromeo and Flosstradamus @ the Echoplex July 26, 2007

Where the hell was everyone last night? Or actually, where were the bands? With a door opening time of 9pm I was kinda expecting nothing to really happen till like, 10:15 or something, not 12:15. Tonight was my first venture beneath the Echo to the "Echoplex". Didn't they use to throw parties down there and just not advertise it? I'm pretty sure they have. The Echoplex, as it was remarked upon by a friend of mine last night, looks like a war-era ballroom turned Hollywood. It's MUCH more expansive than the Echo, but somehow still made me kinda claustrophobic. Perhaps it was the DJs, playing exceptionally bad early 90's hip-hop, a la O.P.P. and Momma Said Knock You Out. OR, the fact that the "smoking patio" was filled to capacity with what a passerby referred to as "Did Cinespace close down or something and all those kids filter here?". OH, yeah.

Way back last year when I saw CSS upstairs with what I guess would still be a "dance" type indie crowd, I don't remember it being so god awful. And they started at a reasonable time. At some point close to midnight I even went up to the soundboard guy and asked him if he had any clue as to when someone was going on. He shrugged and said maybe 15 minutes.

Now, what I heard, and this is completely going off of some random person, was that Flosstradamus were supposed to go on first, but they threw a fit or something about not wanting to go on early. So, I'm guessing they came on at four in the morning.

All I know is that after several whiskeys, and the smell of that many people cramped into such a hot space made Chromeo's performance not as outstanding as I would have liked it to have been. Oh, do not get me wrong, they were fun to watch. Although, it was hilarious to watch hordes of 18 year old girls practically screaming for Dave 1 as he started singing. They were also screaming the lyrics out, to electro-hip hop songs, what? Yes, odd. I tried to dance a little but the crushing heat of the place was too much. Our troop tried to stick it out, but, oof- the smell was a bit much in there. We left towards the end of the Chromeo set, sometime close to one I think. Can anyone confirm that the Echoplex/DJ shows usually start really late? Just for future reference, and the ability to avoid standing in line for 45 minutes in the will call line.

**end rant**

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