Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Man and a Bunch of Guitars: Anders Parker @ the Hotel Cafe September 14, 2007

Were you at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood last night? Chances are you were not, which is too bad. I hate going into Hollywood on a Friday night as much as any westsider, but Anders Parker was playing a show so I had to brave the bad traffic, outrageous parking fees, and Mötley Crüe wannabes to get over there.

I know Anders Parker through Varanline, who haven't been around for awhile, so honestly I wasn't so aware of all his newer work, but I was happy to find out he still sounds as wonderful as ever. He played a solo set, and an early set too. 7pm. Rush hour was still happening on our way over there, so we ended up getting there about 10 minutes late. I'd never been to the Hotel Cafe before. You have to go down an alley, and then around the back of a building to get in, however the inside is pretty comfortable, with little tables and a tiny, tiny stage- perfect for one person and their many guitars. I couldn't tell if the people sitting in watching were there for him, or just stumbled in- one guy had a tourist guide at his table. Regardless, everyone (about 20 of us) was enjoying themselves and the sound was pretty spot on.

Anders Parker reminds me of what's his face from Neutral Milk Hotel. It's that drawn out, acoustic guitar work that is full of emotion with tinges of electric guitar thrown in for good measure. There's just something very satisfying in the combination of his voice and the guitar, even more so as a solo act here this night. I recognized some songs off the last album- or at least I think I did, man I'm crap at guessing these things.

Listening to him tonight made me think of how many really good singer-songwriter people are out there who just do not get enough recognition. Yes, Tweedy and Meloy are good, and that's why they do well. Let them have their Volkswagen commercials and make some room for some people who deserve a little more outward push.

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