Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Awake Now: The King Khan and BBQ Show, Haunted George, and Pleaseeasaur @ Spaceland November 15, 2007

Firstly, hello. And yes, I realize the huge gap there has been in posts. However, due to the juggernaut that invaded my life not so long ago, my mind has been elsewhere picking up the mess. I did though get to go to ONE show this month (god, how depressing...). I got an email that the King Khan and BBQ Show would be playing at Spaceland this month and it had been awhile since I'd been to a good ol' garage show.

In the usual way it happens, we thought we were getting there somewhat late, but when we showed up, the first band was still playing. Well, I guess band may not be appropriate here. Perhaps, two man musical slide show, with costumes!, would be better. Pleaseeasaur is sorta hard to explain... One guy stands out behind two slide projection screens, singing and wearing costumes, all with a very late 80's influence. And then behind the screens, another guy frantically changes slides and does the music. It was hypnotic in a bizarre way. (look at the picture I posted as an example) The crowd seemed to be enjoying it, but one could not telling if they were laughing with him, or at him.

Next up was just a straight-up garage outfit, Haunted George. Actually, I think it's usually just him but tonight there was some other people up on stage helping him out, including one of the guys from the Lamps. Haunted George is all about western culture, with a lot of trailer trash thrown in, and supposedly some macabre but I don't remember listening to any. The music was enjoyable if you like that stripped down, twangy type of garage. The lyrics were a bit surface at times, but sometimes with this kind of music I don't want to think so hard and deep about what they're singing to me, just make me move a bit on my feet and I'm happy. We ducked out towards the end of the set, mainly cause at this point I needed a sit down from too many whiskey drinks, oops.

Last up was the King Khan and BBQ Show. It's funny, but the garage scene around Los Angeles is so unfortunately small that whenever there's a show like this I'm bound to run into several people that I know either personally, or just from the scene. And this show brought out some faces I haven't seen in forever which was cool. Also surprising was the amount of people who showed up. I know that KKBBQ are on a well known label (In the Red), but damn, I was not expecting a crowd like this. Anyways, these two guys put on a pretty fun show, if you like guys in drag and turbans. The music is pretty standard garage with bizarre lyrics. Combine these elements and it's just a good, head bopping music.

Again, sorry. December I will try to get out more. Expect some upcoming reviews of Wreckless Eric, the Monolators, and some other bands. Woop!

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