Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday Nite Special: Lip Synch and Future America @ Spaceland this Saturday May 26, 2007

Yes, I know this is a bit unusual. But the Lip-Synch show is only once a year, and more people should know about it anyways.

I'm pushing the music part to the show, Future America, who I will be going to see. This local two piece of bass and drums play heavy distorted noise with catchy beats. While the lyrics can be quite irreverent at times, they also can be quite catchy ("Hey, you wanna go to Tijuana? Hell yeah."). The humorous undertones and bar-style singing remind me of The Slats. So go listen to them on their myspace page and swing by Saturday at Spaceland to check them out. Anyways, it will be a good show all around to catch. Not to mention the scores of people who will make asses out of themselves. Hell yeah.

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