Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Booze, Bowling, and Bu- Music, The Spires @ the Eagle Rock Sunday Night Bowling & Drinking Club Sunday April 15, 2007

Eagle Rock Sunday Night Bowling & Drinking Club. This is the most genius event ever, really... ever. Music and drinking and throwing shit that potentially could cost hundreds of dollars in repairs or even a lawsuit. In case you've never heard of this, and chances are you haven't unless you're in Eagle Rock, or know someone who is, then pretty much it's an excuse to throw a show in a bowling alley. Bands play, this week it was someone's birthday and I got to eat a twinkie for the first time in forever. Speaking of bands, let's actually review one of them.

The Spires were the opening act Sunday night, and also the reason I was popping over there to check out the show. The Henry Clay People were also on board, but since I'm still suffering from the black lung, I left after the first act.

I've read/heard them described as "Twee" and "British-sounding" and all other manner of words that don't entirely grasp The Spires. Truth is, their sound is mellow, meandering through songs while being low-fi but not making you sleepy and then will pick up and be poppy without being, well, poppy. Singer-guitarist Jason has a voice that sounds like John
Darnielle from the Mountain Goats (or at least live I find that that's the case.) but not as bitter sounding. I disagree with all the melancholy references I've seen about this band- I find them quite warm. The storyteller quality of the lyrics/songs makes me think of Lou Reed (and yes, that is an influence) and there is an underlying jazz rhythm in the drums sometimes that I find unique.

So, among the balloons and pin the tale on the donkey games, and twinkies, the Spires played a pretty upbeat set that was well worth risking pneumonia for. I'm a bit more partial to their live sets then their recorded stuff, but I haven't given their eps/lps a fair listen to. If you want to read up some more on the band, click over to Radio Free Silver Lake for a mini interview, and then click back over here cause there'll be another post up soon (yeah, amazing, I know.)...

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