Thursday, April 05, 2007

GREAT Bodies of Water (like great balls of fire...nevermind...) @ Pehrspace March 30, 2007

Bodies of Water, again? Yes. By way of logic, BoW are from Los Angeles, they play here... a lot and they are friends of friends of mine, so I have a tendency to catch them on a monthly basis, oh- and they are fun to watch and you can clap your hands with the music and not feel like a dork, promise.

The other reason for this post is to talk about the space they performed at, Pehrspace. I was told by one of the incredibly nice volunteers (whom I'm pretty sure was Alice from Eagle and Talon) there that the place is an art gallery, a performance space, cheap, and that they run a record label out of there as well, very multifaceted type of thing, the kind of space I wish I could make therefore I'm jealous as hell of it. It's reminiscent of the Smell with it's all ages access but it has plenty of parking and the neighborhood is not so scary (the location, albeit hard to find, is in a strip mall just south of Echo Park hidden by a palm tree and its neighbor is a strip mall "church" which I find amusing because at 10pm that night I could have gotten my feet joke).

Space inside, once everyone starts to show up, is a bit cramped, and it got HOT in there. God knows what existed in that space before hand, the white paneled drop ceiling with fluorescent lights are still present, but thankfully they don't turn them on and instead opt to use colored accent lights sporadically placed and even use tea lights (possibly a fire hazard, but pretty nonetheless). Walls were covered with art from whatever show was going on at the time, so your eyes never got bored if they happened to drift off while sitting in what seems to be plastic bus station seats. I rarely use the term "cozy" to describe music venues but in this case it fits nicely.

Bodies of Water did a short set, they were a 5 piece this time (last time I saw them there were 8, although the core of the musicians are 4) with their second percussionist. They played These Are the Eyes, We Are Coexistors, Friends, Doves Circle the Sky....and maybe another one, but I forget. I have yet to be disappointed at one of their shows, and tonight they were brimming full of energy as always. Whoever said gospel rock should stay in churches deep, deep in the south is wrong, dead wrong. (Oh, and BoW were not the only bands playing, Eagle and Talon played as well as Bark Bark Bark, however my ride home was tired so we didn't stay. Hoping to catch Eagle and Talon at some point.)

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