Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lightning Bolt: The Show That Wasn't- Wednesday April 11, 2007

It's so rare that LA has a band from my hometown playing here, or rather, it's rare that there's a band from my hometown that I care about who is playing here. Last night in Los Angeles, Lightning Bolt- hailing from Providence, RI played a secret show,unfortunately it was so secret that it turned out NOT to be at Pehrspace, or the Smell, but rather a warehouse on Alameda and 6th which I cannot place.

Boo. Last night ended up turning into reminscing adolescence as five of us parked it on a couch outside Pehrspace drinking warm PBRs and listening to the shows going on inside- hoping upon hope that Lightning Bolt would show up and play next (well, I think me and one other guy were hoping to catch them as I believe we may have dragged people along just to force them to watch). The suck part being that NO ONE could confirm or deny said show... people were taking the "secret" part a bit too seriously.

HOWEVER- it was finally leaked out that tonight, the 12th, they are playing the Smell. Unless someone was trying to be deceptive, again, to which I will be very, very pissy about if I show up downtown and wait and get yelled at by a homeless guy who wants my shoes or wants me to pay him because he made sure no one stole my tires. Fingers....are...crossed.

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Sean said...

Don't feel too bad. The show was overcrowded, the set-up was such that I could not see the band at all, and they let people smoke inside so my hair and clothes got gross by the end (oh and I got a beer spilled on me). The band sounded good, but... bad show.